The Sixties

I started watching Mad Men in October, and about 25 seconds into Don Draper sitting at the bar, I was enamored with the sixties. It was so glamorous! So fun! I fell in love. And as I watched Mad Men (my favorite show…ever) I saw the wardrobe and the fashion of the day come to real life, in my life. I started noticing all of the fashion trends that us trendy folks wear today- from the bold patterns with bold and sometimes “ugly” colors to the hemlines (uh hellooo mini skirts) to the funk accessories (yes, clout goggles were actually sunglasses at one point), I was enamored. Most recently, 60’s fashion was re vamped with Anna Sui’s latest fashion week collection, taking on the 60’s technicolor fashion+Mary-Jane shoes.

So, when it came time to do a mood board for an internship I applied to, I of course turned to the 60’s as some (ok, most of ) my inspiration. I tried to find a picture of clothes becoming trendy today with a similar picture from the sixties. I’ve attached it below, enjoy my fashion killas!