The New Story

When Instagram came out with stories, I was the first to object and say what everyone else was saying, “that’s like, fake snapchat…I’m not going to do that.” And then I promptly posted on my instagram story, “add me on snapchat! like everyone else.” This was back in the day where posting once a week was CRAZY, and I tried to have as few posts possible. As I’ve grown up, I’ve realized my Instagram is a look into my life. It isn’t weird to have over a hundred posts, and it definitely isn’t weird to post a story every day. It’s a look into my life, and I definitely wouldn’t want my followers, friends, and future employers to think I live a dull bland life that only has had 7 highlights that are post worthy. I love posting stories to give updates on my life, work, and what I’m up to! Below are some of my favorite stories that I’ve made, both for PackFashion and for my personal Instagram!


For PackFashion: Hot Sneaker Trends

I came up with all of these by myself through observation of trends that I’ve seen on the street, in stores, and through influencers on Instagram!


For PackFashion: Top Scarf Trends

Thanks to Brit+Co, I navigated my way through the scarf world and found my favorite trends of scarves out of their top 20 scarves!

For PackFashion: Face Masks for YOUR skin

I took all of my favorite face masks that I have and use (I have mildy sensitive somewhat oily, somewhat dry skin, so I get to use literally every type of face mask, LOL) and created a story of the benefits of face masks for your skin.


Personal Instagram stories:

Whenever I do something that is good for my brand development (especially my mood boards that I do at Fashion Group, a club that I’m in!), I like to post it to give an update on what I’m doing. Here are my latest two favorite mood boards below.

Lastly, we all love a boomerang. Below is my favorite boomerang that I’ve done! I was in Georgetown in D.C. and came across this modern art made of reflectors typically used in roadwork.

**I’ve tried to upload the lil vid, and it won’t link in good quality, so here is a still of the art below! Please go check out my instagram @colleenclifford to see all of my stories!