Hydration Nation: For Pack Fashion

 Hydration Nation Water bottles – you see them everywhere. Around the library, all over Talley Student Union, and in every dining hall, students are showing their style with this subtle accessory you may not often picture as a bold fashion statement. Every person has a different type of water bottle that accentuates their personality traits. From a sticker covered shrine of a water bottle, to a Yeti cup, water bottles are the perfect outlet for students, professors and anyone in between to exhibit their inner hydration poise.

When thinking about water bottles, several personalities come to mind. Think about it – a sleek marble s’well owner is a different person than an ice filled Yeti and a repurposed milk jug is different than a sticker covered Nalgene shrine.

The sleek S’well is your high class, high sass gal with the perfect matte marbled water bottle to complete her posh look. The S’well bottle is not for an average (water) drinker, it is for a sophisticated lady who wants the amenities this vacuum sealed, perfectly insulated bottle has to offer. It looks stylish, even if it is filled with a liquid that it was not made for… you know, alcohol. After all, it looks so much more stylish than a plastic cup. These bottles make it more than possible to drink in style, even if you didn’t snag one of the $1,500 Swarovski Crystal S’well bottles.

Did you even go to Boone if you do not have a Boone sticker accenting your Nalgene? The Nalgene is the perfect bottle if you love having a gaping hole to sip out of, like, think about how much ice you can fit in there, or perhaps the narrow mouth model for those who spill their water too frequently. Even though the bottle comes in every color known to man, the true personality comes out in the stickers that adorn it, carefully placed so that every sticker can be seen. The stickers, including the Boone sticker, the Chaco sticker, the NCSU Sticker, and the Y’all sticker, show that this bottle has traveled, this bottle is my heart and soul.

Heaven forbid water isn’t cold after 12 hours in the North Carolina heat. Water fountains? Sub-par. Ice? Not cold enough. Nothing says cold water except the 30 oz tank called a Yeti. Even though it costs more than a week’s worth of gas to fuel my lifted truck, my water will be cold and that’s what really matters.

Reuse, reduce, recycle is definitely not the motto that comes to mind when filling up that milk jug with water before a grueling workout of grunting as you lift weights. But hey, using a milk jug falls into the 3 R’s so I guess I’m doing a good thing by keeping both me and the earth looking fresh. The quaint handle of the plastic milk jug is perfect to grasp after two or a few reps of bicep curls and squats. Guzzling down this gallon is no task, but having to refill the bottle is what makes this vessel perfect for pumping some iron. No need to decorate this, because this baby is only going one place – the weight room.