Hello again!

I’ve been so lazy about blogging lately, so here is a (brief) catch up with my life! I am currently in that post spring break depression because I definitely miss all the vitamin D and warm weather I was getting in Destin, Fl! For my spring break, I spent the trip in sunny Destin Fl with the campus ministry I’m involved in, Cru! It was a great time, and I definitely learned a lot about myself that I didn’t know! For one, I’m an extroverted introvert! Who knew, I’m so social but I definitely like my alone time, haha! I also learned that I am not used to living with a ton of girls, but it was a good learning experience! Lastly, I learned a lot about personal confidence. A lot of girls let physical, social and other worries get the best of them, and I realized that the best thing you can be is confident in your own skin as well as a supporter of all other girls. We gotta stick together, because we are all powerful, beautiful women! I have an exciting announcement in the next few days, so stay tuned!