Social Media Update

Hey everyone!

I have not been good AT ALL about posting! With my internships this summer+all my jobs- I feel like I had so many, this blog got moved to the backburner. But, I am back with some social media updates! I have outlined the brands that I have worked with so far and some of my favorite/most well performing posts that I did in conjunction with the accounts.

Promgirl/Kleinfeld Bridal Party/SimplyDresses:

For Occasion Brands, I was in charge of scheduling all Facebook posts across the three brands from June-September! So if you follow along on their Facebook pages, those posts were me! Overall, they did very well and Facebook was the top performer for sales from posts out of all of their social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. TikTok is a very successful platform for the brand however it does not give metrics out to brands for organic posts just yet)

I was also in charge of scheduling content for the Kleinfeld Bridal Party Instagram, the SimplyDresses Instagram, and adding hashtags and captions to posts on the Promgirl Instagram. Most of the collages on the SimplyDresses and KBP Instagram were created by me!

Lastly, I made Pinterest boards following shoots with Influencers such as Brooke Hyland and Lulu Lambros, as well as our editorial shoots.

Cynthia Rowley:

This summer I interned at Cynthia Rowley as a PR intern. The PR team and the Social Media coordinator work closely together, and I was in charge of influencer relations, making sure influencers got their gifted and loaned pieces, as well as checking in on delieverables. I helped dress influencers for our large influencer event, Surf Camp, as well as checking in on them from time to time. The influencers that I helped work with ranged from Tezza, Mrs. Dow Jones, Sophie and Charlotte Bickley, and Dria Murphy.

For our NYFW Show, I took BTS pictures of our hair test, and ran the Instagram Live for the show.


Prabal Gurung:

During NYFW I worked with the PR and Media Communications Team at Prabal Gurung to create shot lists that catered to the partner brands’ needs, took the necessary shots backstage, and helped edit and create posts for the team.

(I edited the image for this post using Adobe Photoshop)

(Captured all of these images that were posted to the brand’s story, based off the shotlist that I created to satisfy the needs of the contracts made with partner brands)

Fashion Group: For Fashion Group, a club at NC State I am the manager of both the @fashiongroupxx and @ncstatethreads accounts, managing a team of 5 of my peers to create content, a posting schedule, and push out posts.

(I have created and pushed out all of these posts)